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Cynthia Scherer

Scherer Excellence Consulting
CEO | Principal Strategist | Certified Executive Coach
I’m Cynthia Scherer, founder, CEO & Principal Strategist for Scherer Excellence Consulting & I’m on a mission to transform how C-Suite & senior executives are living, leading & succeeding. With a specialized approach to Conscious Leadership & Assessment, we empower executives to burnout – proof your team & your business's culture. 

With over 20 years of generating revenue & driving strategy for iconic, luxury hotels to include The Plaza, New York, along with my own transformation from “workaholic to wellness,” I’ve discovered the formula for having success without sacrifice along with the secret sauce for how to not only meet, yet exceed your goals year after year.

Sustainable Excellence is not a strategy. It’s a Lifestyle. 

If you are ready to lead an innovative workplace culture & excel in your career without missing time with family, canceling vacations or sacrificing any well-being, we have the unique techniques & tools to get you & your team there.

What are you doing to burnout – proof your startup? 

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