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Jason Seawall

Numurus LLC
Greater Seattle Area
Jason Seawall has over 20 years of experience related to smart sensor and robotic inspection solutions, both in academia and commercial companies. He founded and sold BlueView, an robotics sensor company to Teledyne in 2012 where he led Teledyne's Marine Technology Innovation Group, coordinating innovative projects between customers and over 20 internal sensor, software, and robotics companies. In 2017, Jason started Numurus; an Edge technology platform company to help power the next generation of smart sensor and robotic solutions by reducing the cost and complexity of intelligent inspection systems.
Numurus develops technology solutions that reduce the cost and complexity of intelligent system development. In addition to integrated smart device platforms and edge cloud management solutions, Numurus is developing an Edge software marketplace that enables developers to monetize their underutilized code and provide Edge device manufacturers an easy way to access an entire library of IoT, AI, and Edge software for their products.