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Jupille Facile

Bambou Facile
CEO & Founder
Delmas, Ouest
"Our Solution is Unique And Simple: Valorization of Bamboo as sustainable, natural and versatile resource How? 1) We Build Affordable low cost and Secure Houses with Bamboo (For 1.2 million people homeless and 30% off the population living in Shantytowns);
2) Manufacturing the Bamboo (Furniture and Untapped potential) that creating profit and local Production (Job) .
3)Create Bamboo Farm and aware to plant Bamboo to have Positive impact in the Environment (reforestation, consolidate soil and prevent Landslide and erosion), Creating Bamboo Suppliers (New Entrepreneurs) and Ensure Sustainability of Bambou Facile.
So for one affordable and very secure House of 50 m2 estimate $10 000 Us we have 35% of Profit and allow a family of six persons to live safer and in a more affordable house ( that mean for 1.2 million x 10K x 30% = 360 million of Profit net and making the community more resilient). Similarly, For the Manufacturing we will provide Bamboo Furniture for Hotels, Beaches, School and People (1 Unit Furniture [ Including 4 chair,1 desk,1 Table and 1 bed]=$Us10000) and we expect starting with 2000 units this year and multiply per 2 every year.
So we're creating now the Bamboo industry including a Bamboo Farm(Estimate Investment= 2 Million Dollars US) with appropriate infrastructure and technologies to expand our Capacity, creating more Job and have bigger impact in our environment."