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Beckett Jackson

Boeing HorizonX
Investing Director, Portfolio Strategy
Beckett Jackson is the investment portfolio director and strategist for an organization that is shaping the future for Boeing and the aerospace industry. Boeing HorizonX explores opportunities through strategy and experimentation with business models for emerging aerospace applications, leveraging nontraditional partnerships and a venture fund that invests in early-stage startups focused on aerospace and industrial innovations.
Jackson manages the portfolio for a team focused on identifying early-age startups that are developing revolutionary concepts around the world. Boeing HorizonX Ventures provides funding to chosen startups, connecting them with a global network of resources to get their ideas off the ground, and shape the future for Boeing and the aerospace industry.
In his role with the Ventures team, Jackson seeks to identify technology and business model focus areas that will play a role in transforming the aerospace industry, creating new markets or product offerings, or producing productivity gains for Boeing.
He brings to the role a wealth of experience in market strategy, corporate innovation, investment prioritization, competitive intelligence, finance, sales, and international relations. Throughout his career at Boeing, he has led enterprise-wide strategic initiatives, and engaged international customers to develop advanced prototype solutions in the areas of autonomous systems, new air vehicle development and mission systems.
Jackson holds a bachelor’s degree in international relations from Johns Hopkins University and a master’s degree in national security from Georgetown University.