Chue Yang

CoMotion Maker Space
Chue Yang is the Manager of the CoMotion MakerSpace, a rapid prototyping facility at the University of Washington.  CoMotion's goal is to give UW students access to tools to create and innovate, and the CoMotion MakerSpace provides resources such as equipment, workshops, one-on-one hands-on trainings, and networking opportunities for more than 3500 members.  Chue is responsible for the overall operations of the MakerSpace, with responsibilities ranging from setting policies and procedures to procuring equipment, organizing programs, and managing the staffing of the facility.  During her tenure, she has managed the expansion of the 4,000 square foot MakerSpace to 6,000 square feet as part of a renovation, and implemented a fully functioning woodshop and an AR/VR space.  In her spare time, she enjoys hiking and skiing in the mountains.