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Craig Husa

Impact Bioenergy
Craig is the CEO of Impact Bioenergy (www.impactbioenergy.com).   Impact manufactures commercial-scale, portable anaerobic digesters that convert food waste into renewable energy and probiotic plant food with zero-waste.  Previously, Craig served as the CEO of multiple innovative, break-through companies in a broad range of industries including energy, big data analytics and AI, cybersecurity, SAAS, and firmware.  He has raised over $35M and led four companies to successful sales to large public companies.  Early in his career, Craig served in the U.S. Navy as a submarine officer.  Craig earned an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BS in Systems Engineering from the U.S. Naval Academy.  Currently, Craig is also the Chairman of the Clean Tech Alliance and is on the Technical Advisory Board for the Clean Energy Institute at the UW.