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Patrick Hogan
I have 25 years of experience helping teams bringing compelling breakthrough concepts to market, fast.  I help teams avoid the things that kill most new projects - bringing clarity and precision to the customers they target, the problems they solve, what they build and how they engage their markets - often cutting time to a compelling release by 75% compared to normal practice.
I’ve been a founder or an exec with startups in SaaS, AR/VR, online media and consumer services, and led teams in large enterprises like Adobe, MSFT, and Avanade to develop new solution concepts, platforms, and tools.  
Of the many projects where I have had a big impact with these insights -  one includes envisioning and creating a new concept that Satya Nadella called Microsoft’s most valuable API; the unified Office 365 Cloud API and solution platform.  
As a Mechanical Engineer and MBA, I enjoy the challenge of bringing together traditional industries with the latest trends in high-technology like Analytics/AI, ML, IoT, and XR.
Beyond helping clients create new revenues in a fraction of the traditional time, as Managing Director of Gateway Adopters (LLC), I continue to refine workshops, innovation concepts and publish insights at www.GatewayAdopters.com

My Speaker Sessions

Wednesday, October 10

12:30pm PDT